Places To Visit In Kentucky

Most people think about Kentucky as a place where fried chicken is sold and perhaps that is a great option for when you are in town, but there is a lot more. This is a city that has many attractions, and you are going to run out of time to visit before you run out of places. You are going to see a long list of attractions that people will list out for you when you arrive.

There are a few that stand out as gems, so you should look at them first before venturing outwards to other places.

1) Churchill Downs

Kentucky is known for one thing, and that is horse racing. They are home to the Kentucky Derby, and if you are into horse racing, you will want to think about Churchill Downs. It is a special place and one that is legendary for what it has had to offer over the years. If you want to get a feel of this atmosphere and what it can be like, you should take a day at the Churchill Downs to see what people do and how things can be during the day as it is unique.

2) Mammoth Cave National Park

A person not visiting this national park will be missing out as it is beautiful from start to finish. You are going to find the wildlife to be gorgeous to the eye and something you can only dream of in other states. This is one of the better national parks in the country and is appreciated for how it is kept around the world.

You should be looking at Mammoth Cave National Park right away.

3) Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Are you a baseball fanatic? Well, you will know the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is a good place to have on your list. It is one of those locations that is home to the famed iconic baseball bat that has been talked about in baseball folklore.

The bat has been a big part of local history, and they have grown in stature over the years.

These are places you can chalk down and feel comfortable about when you are hoping to nail down a good place. Most people are selective about where they go, but in Kentucky you’re not going to go wrong at all in the end.